Sustainable brands are not built overnight. They start with a vision, and with a commitment to progress towards that vision, while being transparent about the journey they’re on towards more sustainability. That’s where Lendrop Studios is now.

Sustainability matters to us. It could even be said that it inspired the entire label philosophy. In a world of fast fashion, of overflowing wardrobes, we want to transcend current attitudes towards fashion and stand apart through simplicity, longevity and minimalism. While never compromising on the creative self-expression role clothes play in our lives.

We practice considered production

Unsustainable fashion starts with excess. We try to eliminate that by producing only small runs. Yes, that means less garments in each size. 

Considered production also means using dead stock where possible, and mostly natural and biodegradable fabrics.

We seek ethical and sustainable ways to make our garments

Using trusted suppliers, with a reputation for impeccable craftsmanship is crucial to our vision. 

Sustainable packaging

Online shopping is convenient, but the packaging is not doing the planet any favours, so we package our products using sustainable packaging. That means everything from tissue paper to stickers to tape are recyclable and compostable.

So there’s no nasty surprise when you receive your order.